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Professional Development

Dogs Trust USA’s Professional Development team offers free training in canine behavior, body language and rehabilitation, to  animal welfare organizations. Sharing this expertise with our partner organizations will help many more dogs across the USA, from the minute they arrive at the shelter to the moment they head off to their forever homes.

This program is suitable for everyone in your organization who works directly with the dogs in your care.


So far we have delivered to:

16 mentors &

100+ mentees

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What does this program teach?

We draw upon our research, and our expertise and experience in dog welfare and behavior to shape our program, ensuring that we are using the latest insights and methods to help your team better understand the dogs in your care.  

Our bronze level package will help you to:

  • Understand a dog’s behavior
  • Read their body language, and what they are trying to tell you
  • Understand how dogs learn
  • Apply everything you have learnt to your day to day activities 

Our silver package will help you to:

  • Use reward-based training to provide the dogs in your care with basic training, helping them to better adjust to life in kennels, and prepare them for life in their forever home
  • Share our expertise in rehabilitating dogs in your care

How we help…

  • Staff feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement daily training
  • Dogs that have some basic training are more likely to settle in their home
  • Adopters are likely to bond with a dog quickly if they are able to engage with the dog through basic training – for example, the dog responds to their name, sits when asked, doesn’t jump up.

"Dogs Trust USA’s professional development has really furthered our education in understanding our dogs in the shelter and their behavior. As a mentor, it’s amazing to see my coworkers putting the vocabulary and methods they have learned into action. From the way they interact with the dogs, to how they speak with adopters, and finally, how they’ve adjusted normal routines to make a more fear-free, positive environment for our animals, the tools we've learned from Dog School have enhanced the well-being and success of the animals and people at Bideawee."

"Dogs Trust USA courses have helped me understand why dogs behave the way they do in an animal shelter. The courses they provided taught me how to understand and interpret a dog’s body language and behavior which has helped us make sure every dog's stay at the shelter is as stress-free as possible. It also taught me and my colleagues how to best support prospective adopters to ensure successful, lifelong matches."

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