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Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries

Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries are a 12-dog capacity shelter and foster charity in Pennsylvania who focus on rehabilitating and finding homes for at-risk dogs who are lost, abandoned or seized. They also run outreach programs to assist elderly and disabled dog owners with veterinary costs, offer financial assistance for spay/neuter and emergency vet costs; and run humane education programs and low-cost microchip/vaccination clinics. Dogs Trust USA provided support for the creation of a 25,000 square foot dog park at the shelter, one half for dogs owned by the community and the other for the shelter’s dogs. The parks incorporate agility equipment, toy bins, pavilions and open spaces for running. The dog parks have provided a safe space for enrichment, behaviour training and meet and greets since September 2020 and as a result adoptions increased by 27% compared to the previous year. During the lifetime of the grant the shelter has seen their average length of stay decrease by 61%, from 67 days down to 26; whilst they have also seen a 61% reduction in return to kennels rates compared to pre-installation rates; from 13 dogs to 5. Whilst it is difficult to know the extent of the role the parks have played in the shelter’s improved rehoming statistics; SCAS believe them to be a strong additional asset that is helping dogs rehabilitate for rehoming and is providing a safe space for owned dogs to be trained and socialized to avoid future relinquishment.


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