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Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries

Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries (Second Chance) are a 12-dog capacity shelter and foster charity in Pennsylvania who focus on rehabilitating and finding homes for at-risk dogs who are lost, abandoned or seized. They also run outreach programs to assist elderly and disabled dog owners with veterinary costs, offer financial assistance for spay/neuter and emergency vet costs; and run humane education programs and low-cost microchip/vaccination clinics.

Dogs Trust USA has supported the construction of two secure outdoor training and exercise parks called the ‘Paw Paw’s Patch’, one for the shelter's dogs and one for the public's. The shelter's dogs can now receive training outside, let off some steam and meet prospective adopters. The public's park is now a space for owners to bring their dogs to train, exercise and socialise. It is hoped that this resource will contribute towards decreased intake and return to kennel rates for dogs with behavioural issues.


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