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Kentucky Humane Society

Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) is the state’s oldest and largest pet adoption agency, based in Louisville where 1 in 7 people live in concentrated poverty and low-income houses are often isolated from accessing veterinary services such as vaccines, microchips, preventatives and spay/neuter surgeries. Pandemic shutdowns and capacity restrictions led to an alarming decrease in the number of animals spayed or neutered with a 17% countrywide drop in surgeries. Their project’s key aim is to increase access to spay/neuter and wellness services for dogs living with low-income families and dogs considered most at-risk of shelter surrender and euthanasia; specifically, Pitbull terrier-type dogs. Using their newly acquired mobile unit (CARE-a-van), KHS will work in 11 neighborhoods that have high levels of animal intake into Louisville shelters. Dogs Trust USA is providing funding for 487 dogs to receive basic wellness packages, 285 Pitbull terrier type dogs to receive free spay/neuter and 89 dogs to receive subsidized spay/neuter.

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