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Florida Keys SPCA

Florida Keys (FKSPCA) serves clients from two shelters in the lower and middle islands of the Florida Keys. Over the last 3 years 52% of dogs taken into their shelters have been unaltered, 55% of these were able to be reunited with their owners; but only 15% of owners were able to afford spay/neuter surgeries before return. Financial barriers are said to be the main factor for unaltered dogs in the area with poverty rates between 12% in Key West and 14.3% in Marathon. Dogs Trust USA are funding 250 spay/neuter surgeries, rabies vaccines and microchips for dogs fitting into 3 categories a) owned dogs found straying before return to owner, b) dogs entering the ‘Safe Haven’ program, a 2-week boarding service for owners experiencing unforeseen emergency circumstances, and c) dogs owned by clients of housing assistance, homeless prevention services and a domestic abuse shelter. This intervention is intended to increase the number of spayed/neutered and microchipped dogs in the community, decrease avoidable breeding, help reunite more dogs with their owners and decrease shelter intake through straying and surrender.

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