Helping dogs across America to live safe, happy lives

Happy, healthy dogs

We want to help dogs overseas who are being exploited or suffering harm – and transform the way people think about and value dogs around the world

Sadly, millions of dogs across the world are not as fortunate as those closer to home.

In places they are feared; in others, exploited or neglected. In some parts of the world dogs are culled in an attempt to control numbers or prevent the spread of rabies. But we believe it doesn’t have to be like this.




Working closely with dog welfare organizations around the world – from India and Thailand to Malawi – we’re focussed on achieving three critical aims:


1. Eradicating Rabies

Many communities around the world mistreat and kill dogs indiscriminately – in fear of rabies. But the disease is 100% preventable. Through mass vaccination of dog populations and public education programs, Dogs Trust USA aims to eradicate rabies by 2030, saving lives of people as well as dogs in the process.


2. Managing Dog Populations

Around the world dogs are still rounded up and killed to control numbers. But we know there are more effective and humane alternatives, such as spaying and neutering. We’re desperate to stop the needless culling of dogs and show people there’s a better way. We aim to run large scale sterilization programs to humanely control dog populations.


3. Ending Dog Exploitation

Too many dogs are still exploited by people for their fur, meat – or simply to provide entertainment. These activities are often illegal and the suffering of dogs immeasurable. However, the people involved are not always aware of the suffering they are causing. We are working on targeted awareness campaigns to promote understanding and change attitudes. We’re focussing especially on the dog meat trade in East Asia – where traders often resort to snatching loved pets from their families. This is simply wrong and has to stop.


By combining the local knowledge of our partners, with our global expertise, we can make a real difference to the lives of dogs and communities around the world.