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Dogs Trust USA Launching New Training Course in Los Angeles on February 8 to Reduce Shelter Rates

‘Dog School’ offers research-based, affordable classes as new research shows that 25.5% of LA-based owners either considered giving their dog up or gave them up due to behavior

Los Angeles, California, January 2023 – Every year in the United States, 3.1 million dogs end up in shelters and at risk of euthanasia through no fault of their own, many of them completely healthy. A staggering 45% of those given to shelters are because of behavior problems.

Dogs Trust USA, Inc., a 501(c)(3), believes that many of these dogs could be welcomed into or continue living in loving homes with positive training and instruction in behavior modification. This is why Dogs Trust USA is officially launching its first ever in-person group dog training classes in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 8, 2023. The expansion into Los Angeles follows a successful Dog School launch in New York City in September 2022.

Dogs Trust, Dogs Trust USA’s affiliate and UK’s largest dog welfare charity, designed the Dog School course with the goal of reducing shelter rates in Los Angeles and ultimately other cities by preventing or stopping problem behaviors. Dogs Trust USA is also addressing cost concerns with courses available for a limited time at $49, with a regular price of only $99. Bookings are open for the upcoming in-person LA classes, which will take place in Paramount at Spane Park with SEAACA (February 8) and Playa Vista at Annenberg PetSpace (February 9). There are plans in the coming weeks to partner with additional shelters. Virtual classes are also available now nationwide.

This offer comes as new research, conducted by Dogs Trust USA, reveals exactly how Los Angelenos feel about their dog’s behavior. The survey of 1,220 dog parents in the city found that 89% said their dog’s behavior has an impact on their daily life, with 15% of those affected saying the impact was significant. The findings also showed that 45% of dog parents reported feeling stressed by their dog’s actions and a combined percent of 25.5% who either gave up or considered giving up a dog because of behavior.

Drawing on experience and expertise from its UK counterpart, which trains 25,000 dogs every year, Dogs Trust USA urges pet parents not to wait to begin training with their puppy or new dog. Many behavior problems can be prevented if training begins when owners bring their dog home for the first time. Dog School is open to all dogs: newly adopted dogs, rehomed dogs, a new puppy, rescues, and others.

“Nearly 42% of dog owners have never taken their dogs to organized training, and nearly a one-quarter of LA residents told us it’s because of the expense,” says Owen Sharp, President of Dogs Trust USA. “Training is a vital piece of the puzzle to prevent dogs from ending up in or returning to a shelter. We want to set-up owners and dogs for success, and our history in the UK proves that accessible, affordable training is the way forward.”

“Happy, well-behaved, and well-socialized dogs. That’s our focus at Dogs Trust USA Dog School,” added Sian Hornigold, Dogs Trust USA Dog School Project Manager. “We know from our experience in the UK that preventing problem behaviors before they start is a great first step to reducing the numbers of stray and abandoned dogs.”

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About Dogs Trust USA, Inc.
At Dogs Trust USA, we draw on a long history of dog expertise and evidence-based research. We’re the affiliate organization of Dogs Trust, the UK’s leading dog welfare charity, founded over 130 years ago, which helps improve the lives of dogs around the world.

Although we draw much of our expertise and experience from Dogs Trust in the UK, Dogs Trust USA is a U.S. based, nonprofit registered charity, which aims to help as many dogs as possible right here in the United States to find loving homes, and to live happy and healthy lives.

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