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Reactive dog workshops

Training workshops for reactive dogs, $49

We offer reactive dog workshops provide training support for owners whose dogs find it difficult to cope around other dogs and would struggle to attend other Dog School classes.

Please note that these are human only workshops, no dogs to attend.

Bruno the German Shepherd Dog enjoying a walk

Why attend our reactive dog workshops?

Does your dog bark at other dogs when on a leash?  Do you struggle to get your dog to focus on you when there are other dogs around?

Our reactive dog workshops provide the perfect solution for owners facing these challenges.

What’s included?

  • A presentation for humans only, exploring how we can help dogs who are distracted around other dogs,including how to reduce this using helpful training and management techniques.
  • A Q&A session afterwards. Ask questions and meet other dog owners facing the same issues with their own dogs.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn a strong foundation of reactive dog training tips to support you and your dog in our workshops and beyond, including:

  • How to get and keep your dog’s focus around distractions, using reward-based training
  • Understanding your dog’s body language to help prevent reactivity
  • Identifying potential triggers
  • Benefits of environmental management 
  • How to prevent setbacks
  • The best training methods and key training skills to work on at home
  • Please note we will not be or discussing how to mix your dog with other dogs

Our Reactive Dog Workshops cost $49.

Our sessions

August 29 at 7pm

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace 

12005 Bluff Creek Drive Los Angeles,

CA 90094

United States

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September 8 at 6pm PDT

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