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Lesson plans

Lesson Plans

Our aim is to help owners understand their dog’s behavior and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to problem behaviors further down the line.  

Our Dog School classes provide expert advice about dog behavior and practical guidance for training to help you build a wonderful relationship with your pooch.   

Our course includes:

  • 4 training sessions over 4 weeks
  • An introductory film to set up a strong start to your training
  • Access to the Dog School Owner Support Hub
  • One on one support from Dog School coaches

Length of course: 4 weeks

Cost: $99

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Weekly lesson plans

Introduction to Dog School topics with short film  

  • Developing a positive relationship with your dog 
  • The importance of social behavior in dogs 
  • Recognizing your dog’s body language, and what they’re trying to tell you 
  • How dogs learn  
  • Helping dogs learn to cope with being alone 
  • Dog training: the basics. 

Training session: week 1  

  • Introduction to basic training theory  
  • How to encourage your dog to settle and relax  
  • How to play with your dog in a way that won’t encourage problem behaviours 
  • Teaching your dog a marker word 
  • Teaching your dog to sit 
  • Starting to train your dog to come back when called. 

Training session: week 2 

  • How to progress the skills you learn at Dog School  
  • Getting your dog’s attention when their name is said 
  • Training your dog to walk nicely on a leash - continued 
  • Training your dog to come back when called - continued 
  • Helping your dog be comfortable when being handled (for example, during vet visits or at the groomers)  
  • Recap and refresher of last week’s skills. 

Training session: week 3 

  • Progressing your Dog School training, and how this links to training in real life  
  • Starting to use equipment when handling your dog 
  • Training your dog to walk nicely on a leash – continued 
  • Training your dog to come back when called – continued 
  • Start to train your dog to leave things when asked. 

Training session: week 4 

  • Introducing sounds and helping your dog get used to them
  • Recap of everything learned at Dog School so far, and how to take your skills further.  

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance with Mavis and her training. The course was a life saver and we both really enjoyed it… the zoom calls work brilliantly.”

– Richard, UK

One on one sessions

We also offer one on one virtual sessions which include:

  • A 30-minute narrated presentation which gives you lots of hints and tips on training your pooch, and how to build a great relationship with them
  • A 60 minute virtual training session with one of our Dog School Head Coaches, which will include many basic training skills
  • A follow-up email with various videos and resources, and tips to help you continue your training

Cost: $99

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Support from Dog School coaches 

Dog School coaches will be on hand throughout your course to support you on any areas you feel you need help with. Our aim is for you to finish the course feeling confident about what you’ve learnt and how it will help you raise your puppy or dog. 

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